Tsavorite or Green Garnet (Grossular Family) King of Green Gems posses the finest green color a gem could ever posses. Discovered recently in the late 1960s in the shadows of Kilimangars Heights in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya East Africa, located at the borders of Tanzania. Named after its first discovered mine and introduced in the market by Tiffany in 1974. Tsavorite is one of the most valuable and rarest Gem in the Garnet Family with a magnificent Green Color, brighter, more durable and affordable than Emerald in a comparable quality which makes it an ideal alternative to Emerald. Plus Tsavorite is never treated or oiled. Because of its deep excellent Green, it is a far better gem to pair up with Diamonds.


A color variety of the same Grossular Garnet Family and since colors are personal preferences in life, many consumers prefer the light Apple Green bright color than a too deep of Green with Dark Tone. Although the most ideal Tsavorite Color is a bright deep Green, not too dark and not too light, some Tsavorite Collectors prefer what they call the "lime jello green", a comparable color to Apple Green. Tsavorite can be easily confused with Chrome Tourmaline. If buying Tsavorite of a considerable size, usually one and half ct size, make sure you are not buying a Chrome Tourmaline offered as Tsavorite. The two gems are so identical to the point that many Gem Dealers get taken when buying overseas. The only way to distinguish between both Gems is by using a refractometer to inspect each refractive index and by using a Gem Filter to detect the amount of Red Color that shows in all Chrome Tourmaline. Tsavorite is usually a pure Green, plus a light Apple Green color will hardly occur in Chrome Tourmaline.


If buying an investment grade, which is usually 2ct in size or greater, make sure to request a Gem Lab Certificate, look for eye clean to Flawless Gem. Tsavorite is not classified as usually included, so expect clean Gems. However, as most of African origin Gems, some rutiles add to its beauty and are welcomed inclusions by most Tsavorite Collectors. As usual, look for well-cut pieces to be considered a true investment grade.

Tsavorite is still a relatively unknown Gem, therefore, it still is affordable in spite of its obvious value. It is unpredictable when Tsavorite deposit will run out, but it is a matter of Fact that pieces over 2ct sizes are extremely rare with a continuous increase in price in the Gem Market.

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