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About Us

Gem Auction is a website owned and run by G. PL. G. Co., Ltd.
Located in Bangkok, Thailand ; a company established in 1999 with a large jewelry and gemstones Manufacturing facility .

Gemauction.com was launched the first time in 1997 through our previous business based in LA., CA . and throughout the years , the e-commerce business , specially in the gem and jewelry world , has changed . 

This is the latest evolution of gemauction.com that will easily suite your smart phones and tablets .
15 years ago,we have introduced the concept of Making The World capital of Gemstones ; Bangkok at the finger tips of web users and Gem Buyers.
Now, the traditional structure of Wholesale and Retail doesn't exist any more,The Web.has turned the Gem And jewelry industry into the new world order with no barriers between manufacturers and consumers.
Here we are offering you this concept in reality through Gem Auction , Now you can get through directly to the source no matter where you are, you can reach the World capital of Colored Gemstones and get the best deals ever.